Thursday, June 26, 2014

Understanding the Mystery of Our Divine Selves

To understand the mystery of our Divine selves; isn't that what we all yearn for?  

In the quiet corners of your heart, do you feel the pull of the Divine?  Do you know there is more than what you can see, what you can touch?

Have you had those experiences

Coincidences you probably called them, or déjà vu.  Or you see something out of the corner of your eye and know something is there, but brush it off as the light flickering or a shadow cast from the sun.  Maybe you locked eyes with an animal and saw into their soul and then felt your own soul too.  Felt a chill go down your back or a soft caress on your cheek when no one was around. 

If so, your Higher Self is reaching out, trying to connect to you, asking to be remembered. Your Higher Self wants to show you the magnificence that you are a part of!

I was reminded this morning of our connection to our Higher Self, each other, and the Divine Oneness all around us, by a visit from my friend the chickadee. 
Chickadees are very special birds. There are seven kinds of chickadees.  Seven is significant because it is a sacred number signifying the individual rising from the material plane. The symbolism of the number seven is vast and this list is by no means complete. The number seven represents creation.  This is based on the number three, symbol of the Divine, and the number four, symbol of the human world, added together to equal seven.  There are seven major chakras, the energy centers in our body and seven levels of our auras.  In Christianity God created the earth in six days and rested on the seventh.  There are seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, seven deadly sins and seven virtues.  In Hinduism there are seven worlds in the universe and seven promises in a Hindu wedding.  In Islam there are the seven levels of heaven and seven gates to hell.  In Judaism there are seven branches to the menorah and Moses received the Torah seven weeks after fleeing from Egypt.  Shivah, which means seven, is the first seven days of mourning.  People of the Jewish faith sit Shivah for seven days.

Looking at the larger species of birds, birds are symbols of the bridge between humans and the Divine and their ability to fly signifies aspiration and transcendence.  

Specific to the chickadees, they have a black cap on their heads. The color black signifies the feminine and mystery. The feminine is symbolic of fertility and rebirth. The cap being on the head is symbolic of higher thinking and perception.

Together the message of the chickadee is enlightening!  It is a message of connecting to your Divine self through understanding the mystery of your higher truth. You are a spiritual being and it is time to remember your power and your truth.   

Next time pay attention when you feel the pull of the Divine.  When the lights flickers, the chill goes down your back or you lock eyes with a beautiful animal friend, know that it is your Higher Self and the Universe reaching out to connect.  Take a moment and reach back.

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Glide Gracefully Through Lifes' Changes

Life is funny.
It changes.
Life changes the rules and it changes you.

Despite our best efforts to keep it the same,
life changes.  Most times without much warning,
life changes.

Sometimes we are excited, sometimes we are apprehensive, sometimes we are downright scared and still life changes.

My life is changing.

In the past couple of years my marriage has ended, I have struggled with deep emotional wounds, searched for a spiritual understanding of my pain, found my answer, resigned from my job, wrote a book, am living my Divine life purpose, and I am now selling my house and moving south!

Yes, my life is changing.

Through my experiences I have learned to trust and allow the Divine Universe to guide me.

‘Show me, guide me’ is my prayer. 

Most days this works, but some days my mind begins to race and my questions can become overwhelming.

The other day was just one of those days.  Feeling restless and distracted, I went outside to get the mail.  It was a beautiful day and with the warm sun shining on my face I took a moment to stop and breathe in the scent of my neighbors freshly mowed lawn.  Looking at my lawn I noticed it littered with sticks that had blown on my yard from a storm the previous evening.

Aimlessly I walked picking up small sticks and pulling up the clover leaf that has somehow quickly taken root over much of my grass.  As my hand reached out to pick up yet another stick, the stick suddenly moved and glided gracefully into a nearby flower garden.

Startled I realized my ‘stick’ was not a stick at all, but a snake, a long, slender, greenish brown snake!

‘Wow that was odd!’ I thought.  I have lived here for the past eighteen years and I have spent a great deal of time working in my yard and flower gardens and not once have I ever seen a snake lying in the middle of my front lawn or anywhere else for that matter!

Having a connection with animals and being familiar with animal totems the thought did cross my mind of whether the snake could have a message for me.  However I am careful not to think every animal I see has a message for me so I quickly decided it was just a random encounter.

The rest of the day passed uneventfully.  My quick trip to the mailbox turned into an hour of yard clean up and weeding. As usual my time spent outside, connecting with nature, calmed my worries and brightened my mood.

But my questions for my future are many and the next day the ugly head of worry started to once again rear up.  I pushed my worries back down and focused on my task at hand.  I was busy and I had a radio show to prepare for.  Today I was a guest on a radio show and I was asked to pull animal totems cards for listeners and share the messages from the animals with them.

I pulled out one of my decks of animal totem cards and started shuffling.  No sooner had I started to shuffle, than a card popped out of the deck and fell to the floor.  Reaching down to grab it I was once again startled.  The card that popped out was the snake card!

Used to how the Divine Universe works, but still surprised at the cleverness in which the messages come through, I chuckled and picked the card up.

“Well I guess the snake yesterday was meant for me!” I declared gratefully, knowing the Universe frequently gives us guidance through signs and messages; we just have to pay attention to receive them!

Intrigued and ready to learn more, I pulled out my book on animal totems and researched the symbolism of the snake.  Not surprisingly the two main characteristics of a snake are its’ ability to shed its’ skin and how it glides on its belly for movement.

The symbolism of the shedding of the skin is to with grace and ease allow what no longer serves us to fall away.  To realize that life is forward moving and more than we can imagine is provided to us when we are no longer holding on to the past. 

When we release control and trust that all is well and all is happening in accordance with Divine timing and our soul plan, we can glide through life and handle all of life’s changes gracefully.

Patricia Brooks is author of her book God is in the Little Things; Messages from the Animals and is currently writing her second book in the series God is in the Little Things; Messages from the Golden Angels. Having profound spiritual experiences has changed Patricia’s life dramatically and she has come to understand her Divine life purpose is to spread the message of Oneness to our higher Self, each other, and all living beings. She is an interfaith minister, animal totem intuitive, and angel healing practitioner. Patricia also authors two spiritual blogs and is a contributing writer to many spiritual magazines. Please visit Patricia at for much more information and where you may also sign up for her mailing list to receive your FREE Understanding Animal Totems report.

Monday, March 17, 2014

See Through the Self-Created Illusions of Fear and Regret

Self created illusions of fear and regret.  Is that even possible? To create in our minds and hearts those things that are not there?  Are our fears and regrets real or are they simply perceptions that we create?  More importantly, where do these fears and regrets come from and how much of what we worry about has actually come to pass?

I ask you these questions as I ask myself the same.  What purpose do our fears and regrets offer?  Are they beneficial to us?  Do they serve our highest and greatest good?  Or could they possibly inhibit us, prevent us from moving forward and experiencing joy and our best self?

This week as the Vernal Equinox is upon us I believe it is a good time to ask ourselves these questions.  As Mother Earth prepares for the arrival and renewal of Spring, so should we prepare to renew our connection with our self and others; to give great attention to our thoughts, our words, and our deeds.

Are our thoughts positive and encouraging?  Are our words compassionate and kind? And are our deeds helpful and allow ourselves and others to move forward on our paths?  Together are they generous in their gifts and gentle in their delivery?

Or do our thoughts, words, and deeds, driven by our fear and regrets; stifle our ability to live and to experience our lives to the fullest, with love and gratitude in our hearts for ourselves and each other.

It is no surprise that the frogmouth, an Australian bird with ties to the owl, flew into help us this week.  One of the messages of the frogmouth is synchronicity and gleaning wisdom from your spiritual elders.  As we walk along our spiritual path we realize that what we believe is synchronicity is usually Divine intervention.

The frogmouth, known for its camouflage, reminds us that we need to look further, delve deeper because things are not usually as they appear.  The wisdom of the frogmouth tells us to look to our spiritual elders.  Our elders, through experience have gleaned much insight on how to handle and release the stresses and struggles in life.  They teach us the fears and regrets that hold us hostage are simply not real, but perceptions our egos create.

Who are these spiritual elders we should ask?  There are many and they are one.  Some people may look to their God, the Divine Spirit.  Others will find their answers from Mother Earth and nature in all of its forms.  Still others will look inward, to their Higher Self for answers.  They are all correct.

Ask your questions until you can ask no more, and then ask again.  Open up your heart and spiritual mind and invite your spiritual elders to communicate with you.  Let them know that as Mother Earth is preparing for the renewal of Spring, so too are you ready for renewal, your spiritual renewal.  Be as still as how a frogmouth sits in the crook of a tree and your answers will come.

Listen to the wisdom of your elders and see through any self-created illusions of fear and regret.  Release them and step into your power not only as a human being, but as a spiritual being.  Share your newfound wisdom and your love with others and live the life that you came here to.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wisdom from the Wolf

Do you feel it?  Do you long for it?   Sense that something is just out of your reach?  Is there a knowing that there is more to you and your life than what you are currently experiencing?  A desire for something

I do. And I believe many of you do also. That sensation deep within our hearts that we sometimes try to ignore or pretend it is not there.  The knowledge that life is meant to be truly lived not just exist in.  That we were meant to do something

We may have the want to pursue something new, something different.  We may have the resources to follow our dreams.  Our gifts and talents are plentiful and our hearts are telling us, ‘it is right there, go after it…’  

But there is something missing.  It is still not enough for us to leave the knowing of our safe and secure lives.  We need something more… 

If you are reading this, then I believe what you need is the energy from the wolf.  The message of the wolf is one of freedom; the freedom that comes from trusting your instincts, your intuition, and living your life to the fullest.

Wolf is a powerful totem and have much to teach us.  Wolves are highly intelligent and social creatures and they adhere to a hierarchy and a fierce loyalty to their pack.  They avoid conflict as much as possible and only fight in rare circumstances.  The alpha male and alpha female will mate for life and wolves are very affectionate to their young.  Wolves are also very good communicators using not only their voices through different howls, but using their bodies, most notably their tails to get a point across.  

But more than anything wolves are the epitome of the wild spirit.

Wolves understand how to live within a highly functioning structure, but still maintain their individuality, their sense of spirit.  Wolves rely on communication, their pack members, and their instinct to thrive.

Draw on the energy of the wolf to help you thrive.  Wolf will help you and protect you.  Listen to your inner voice and follow your instincts.  Wolf teaches that you do not have to do it alone, but you must do it.  You must and can do that something…

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

New Opportunities For You!

Six more weeks of winter the groundhog forecasts!  As we let this news settle over us, it is difficult not to get disheartened.  It has been an extremely cold winter this year.  Below freezing temperatures coupled with many dark, grey days make it hard not to feel sluggish and uninspired.

But don't lose hope!  The rabbit has hopped in to give us inspiration.  When the rabbit visits us he brings a message of opportunity!  The ground may be cold and frozen right now, but it is fertile ground indeed!

You must pay attention.  As swift as a rabbit is, so will the opportunities materialize.  But they will leave just as quickly.  Rabbit medicine lasts about 28 days, a lunar cycle, the time the young are dependent on the mother.

Just as a rabbit is known for its ability to make great leaps, his message is to take a great leap of faith.  Go after the opportunity that is appearing to you.

So listen to rabbit.  Follow your dreams.  It is a fertile time and opportunity in knocking.  Act quickly and take that leap.  Shake off those dreary doldrums.

Old man winter has got nothing on you!

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Monday, January 27, 2014

With Change Comes the Promise of Growth

My second meeting with a bat was eerily similar to the first. Again, it was 2:00 in the morning with the promise of the new day still wrapped in its dark cloak. The time when it feels as if the whole world is asleep, and the only sounds to pattern your breathing after are those of the tree frogs noisily exclaiming their presence. It is a time for rest.

This time I didn’t feel a flutter, but I heard a weird, vaguely familiar noise, a kind of whoosh. It sounded like a bird. No—it sounded like a bat. But that couldn’t be possible. What were the chances?

There was only one way to be certain; I would have to turn on the light. I laid there for a moment, hoping the noise had been my imagination, or that I could will it away. Whoosh! It was not my imagination. I realized I simply couldn’t ignore it and let the tree frogs lull me back to sleep; I sat up, held my breath, and turned on the light. As the light flickered on, the last vestiges of my hope vanished, as a bat swooped down over my bed!

“Oh my God!” I screamed, still not prepared for what I knew I would see. I jumped up and ran into the bathroom, slamming the door behind me.

“Steve! There’s another bat, get rid of it!” I shrieked as my mind raced and my heart pounded, surprised he had not been woken up by the flurry of my movements and the shrillness of my cry. I heard a frantic rustle of the sheets, and then Steve’s voice was at the bathroom door.

“Patty, I need you to come out of the bathroom,” he said calmly. “I need your help.”

“No! No way!” I replied emphatically.

“Patty I need you to get a container for me. We need to trap it, remember?” he said evenly.

“Can’t you get something?” I pleaded, praying that I could safely stay in the bathroom until the threat was gone.

“No,” he said, this time sounding exasperated. “I need you to get something.”

“Ugh!” My fear of rabies, instilled in me by co-workers, barely beat out my fear of the bat. Tired, scared, and trying to figure out why Steve couldn’t do anything by himself, I acquiesced.

I slowly opened the bathroom door, and, as the bat flew in frantic circles above me, I covered my head and quickly ran out of my bedroom. Safely away from the bat, I deliberately took my time as I searched for something large enough to hold our uninvited visitor, never wanting to ever return to my bedroom. I eventually found a large popcorn tin, the kind they sell around the holidays, and reluctantly went back upstairs.

I gingerly opened the bedroom door and half-expected to see Steve flailing a towel, as he valiantly tried to catch the frantic bat. Instead, he was lying on the bed.  Lying on the bed!?!

“What happened? Where’s the bat?” I asked, hoping he already threw it out the window like the last one.

“It’s trapped in the bathroom. I am tired and will deal with it in the morning.”

“What?!?” I replied incredulously.

“Go to sleep, it’s fine,” Steve assured me.

Against my better judgment, but knowing I couldn’t do anything to change his mind, I laid back down. I tossed and turned for about another hour or so, starting about a dozen conversations in my head explaining to Steve why we couldn’t wait until morning to trap the bat. I knew he wasn’t in the mood to hear any of them, so I stayed quiet. Finally, when my heart calmed down enough and exhaustion was starting to take over, I started to doze.

The next thing I knew, I was awakened by the faintest of sounds. First it sounded like a light tapping and then kind of like a whoosh. No way! Not possible! I flipped on the light and froze. In utter disbelief, I watched as a bat swooped down and flew across the room! This can’t be happening! It was like a bad dream!

“Steve, get up! The bat is back!” I frantically cried.

I couldn’t believe it; questions swirled around in my head. How could this be? Wasn’t the bathroom door closed? Was there a second bat? How did it get in? Why does it have to be in my bedroom?!?

“Get me a towel!” Steve shouted at me, rousing me back to the moment.

I ran and got a towel, threw it to him, and slammed the door behind me. I stood in the hallway, trembling.  I listened as fragments of sound leaked through the closed door. Steve emerged holding the popcorn tin. He had somehow grabbed the bat in the towel and threw him in the tin. Where it should have been the first time, I thought, but I kept my criticism to myself.

“Is the lid on tight?” I questioned.

“Yes,” he irritatingly replied.

“Are you sure?” I asked again.

“Yes,” he said, sounding very annoyed now. I double checked it myself anyway, my confidence in his judgment lessened.

Drained, we brought the tin to the garage and checked the rest of the house. Every curtain was lifted, every lamp shade was inspected, and every piece of furniture was looked behind. Once we felt confident the rest of the house was clear, we opened the bathroom door. The bat was gone. Somehow, the bat in our room was the one that was trapped in the bathroom. I didn’t sleep the rest of the night.

When the first rays of sunlight were peeking up over the horizon, I got up and made some coffee. I wasn’t able to fall back asleep and I really needed to clear my head. Steve left for work, the girls went to school, and I stayed home on bat watch until the Animal Control officer came.

Officer White was an arrogant older man, having done his job longer than even he would like to admit, and seemed to take a perverse pleasure in my nervousness.

“Well let’s take a look at him,” he said as he reached for the popcorn tin lid. I pounced, stopping him immediately!

“What are you doing? You can’t take the lid off . He’ll fly away!” I nervously exclaimed, confused that I had to explain this to him.  He chuckled, that “aren’t you being silly” chuckle men sometimes use with women, and said he’d look at it at the office.

Anxious for some answers, I related what had happened the night before. He explained that bats cannot simply take off into flight from the ground. They have to climb up something and then they drop to fly. That was the tapping sound I heard, the bat climbing up the bathroom door. I shuddered, imagining the bat digging its claws into the wood during its ascent. The whoosh sound was the bat dropping down to fly! He also said that bats can flatten their bodies to squeeze through almost anything. As I looked at the bathroom door, I noticed a half inch gap at the bottom. Funny I had never noticed that before. The best we could figure out was when the bat flew into the small bathroom it somehow got knocked to the floor. It then squeezed through the bottom of the door, climbed up until it was high enough, and then dropped and started flying. Honestly! This was definitely the last time I was going to listen to Steve!

“Will you release him once the rabies test is done?” I asked Officer White.

“No ma’am,” he replied. “There won’t be anything to release,” he went on.

I was confused. What did he mean?

“We need to kill the bat to perform the rabies test,” he explained.

“Wait!” my mind wavered. Kill the bat? I hadn’t realized that.

“There’s no other way to test him,” he assured me.

Once again, my fear of rabies won out, and I reluctantly watched as Officer White left, popcorn tin in hand. I told myself we did the right thing by trapping the bat and having it tested. At least I would know it hadn’t given me rabies.

That is until a friend said, “Why would you trap and kill that poor animal?”

“Well it might have had rabies,” I reasoned with her.

“Of course it doesn’t have rabies. It was probably just as scared as you, probably more so,” she responded.

“The poor animal?” My defenses went up. Are you kidding me? “No one was more scared than me!” I assured her.

But her words troubled me. Maybe, just maybe, there was something to what she said. Perhaps I had made a mistake and the bat wasn’t there to hurt me, but to help me. I remembered my book on animal totems. I pulled it back out and started to read.

The book reminded me that when studying animals as totems or messengers, it is very important to understand the behaviors and characteristics of the animals, as they are symbols of their messages. The animals, or God through the animals, energetically communicate with us through their unique qualities.

Bats make up nearly one-fifth of all mammals, and with more than 1200 diff erent species of bats, they are probably one of the most feared and most misunderstood animals. Bats, I believe, are feared by humans for many reasons.

Bats are nocturnal animals flying at night, the time that most fears arise in humans. They typically live in caves and hang upside down when they are sleeping, which is not a familiar behavior to humans. Bats range in size from just over an inch to ones called giant flying foxes with six foot wingspans, which is intimidating to say the least. They are not typically thought of as cute furry animals like so many others we see and are often depicted with their mouths open and teeth bared. Though only three species of bats ingest blood for nutrition, we often think of them as blood thirsty vampire like animals associated with Halloween.

However, studying bats you realize that they are extremely helpful animals. The fruit eating bats fly long distances at night over large open areas of land, spaces that other animals are afraid to cross for fear of being out in the open. While flying, they propagate the earth on a much greater scale than birds or primates, dropping seeds and defecating as they go. Their droppings called guano, is also a wonderful fertilizer.

Bats are powerful totems and their message is one of promise after a change. Since bats are “reborn” from the earth’s caves each night, the bat message is one of death of an old way of life and rebirth to a new. If a bat flies into your life, you must face your fears and see what part of your life is not working for you any longer. Spiritual and emotional growth cannot happen without change. It is time for that old part of your life to die, so that you can be reborn, stronger, healthier, and happier than before.

Change can be very scary, just as bats can be scary, but without death there is no rebirth, or promise of new growth like the plants that they help germinate. Go inward, and be honest with yourself. Is your life all that it should be? Or is it already dying around you and you’re too busy or scared to notice? Embrace the transition, listen to that still small voice within, your God voice, and you will soar to new heights.

Wow. At the time I knew I was stressed and tired, but I really didn’t think it was anything more than that. My life was fine. I had the marriage, the kids, the job, and the house. What more could I want? And what would I possibly want to change? I made a mental note to try and take some time for myself. I decided that was all I needed, some time to relax and refocus.

Problem solved. Or so I thought...

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God is in the Little Things; Messages from the Animals
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