Sunday, February 2, 2014

New Opportunities For You!

Six more weeks of winter the groundhog forecasts!  As we let this news settle over us, it is difficult not to get disheartened.  It has been an extremely cold winter this year.  Below freezing temperatures coupled with many dark, grey days make it hard not to feel sluggish and uninspired.

But don't lose hope!  The rabbit has hopped in to give us inspiration.  When the rabbit visits us he brings a message of opportunity!  The ground may be cold and frozen right now, but it is fertile ground indeed!

You must pay attention.  As swift as a rabbit is, so will the opportunities materialize.  But they will leave just as quickly.  Rabbit medicine lasts about 28 days, a lunar cycle, the time the young are dependent on the mother.

Just as a rabbit is known for its ability to make great leaps, his message is to take a great leap of faith.  Go after the opportunity that is appearing to you.

So listen to rabbit.  Follow your dreams.  It is a fertile time and opportunity in knocking.  Act quickly and take that leap.  Shake off those dreary doldrums.

Old man winter has got nothing on you!

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