Monday, March 17, 2014

See Through the Self-Created Illusions of Fear and Regret

Self created illusions of fear and regret.  Is that even possible? To create in our minds and hearts those things that are not there?  Are our fears and regrets real or are they simply perceptions that we create?  More importantly, where do these fears and regrets come from and how much of what we worry about has actually come to pass?

I ask you these questions as I ask myself the same.  What purpose do our fears and regrets offer?  Are they beneficial to us?  Do they serve our highest and greatest good?  Or could they possibly inhibit us, prevent us from moving forward and experiencing joy and our best self?

This week as the Vernal Equinox is upon us I believe it is a good time to ask ourselves these questions.  As Mother Earth prepares for the arrival and renewal of Spring, so should we prepare to renew our connection with our self and others; to give great attention to our thoughts, our words, and our deeds.

Are our thoughts positive and encouraging?  Are our words compassionate and kind? And are our deeds helpful and allow ourselves and others to move forward on our paths?  Together are they generous in their gifts and gentle in their delivery?

Or do our thoughts, words, and deeds, driven by our fear and regrets; stifle our ability to live and to experience our lives to the fullest, with love and gratitude in our hearts for ourselves and each other.

It is no surprise that the frogmouth, an Australian bird with ties to the owl, flew into help us this week.  One of the messages of the frogmouth is synchronicity and gleaning wisdom from your spiritual elders.  As we walk along our spiritual path we realize that what we believe is synchronicity is usually Divine intervention.

The frogmouth, known for its camouflage, reminds us that we need to look further, delve deeper because things are not usually as they appear.  The wisdom of the frogmouth tells us to look to our spiritual elders.  Our elders, through experience have gleaned much insight on how to handle and release the stresses and struggles in life.  They teach us the fears and regrets that hold us hostage are simply not real, but perceptions our egos create.

Who are these spiritual elders we should ask?  There are many and they are one.  Some people may look to their God, the Divine Spirit.  Others will find their answers from Mother Earth and nature in all of its forms.  Still others will look inward, to their Higher Self for answers.  They are all correct.

Ask your questions until you can ask no more, and then ask again.  Open up your heart and spiritual mind and invite your spiritual elders to communicate with you.  Let them know that as Mother Earth is preparing for the renewal of Spring, so too are you ready for renewal, your spiritual renewal.  Be as still as how a frogmouth sits in the crook of a tree and your answers will come.

Listen to the wisdom of your elders and see through any self-created illusions of fear and regret.  Release them and step into your power not only as a human being, but as a spiritual being.  Share your newfound wisdom and your love with others and live the life that you came here to.

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