Friday, May 23, 2014

Glide Gracefully Through Lifes' Changes

Life is funny.
It changes.
Life changes the rules and it changes you.

Despite our best efforts to keep it the same,
life changes.  Most times without much warning,
life changes.

Sometimes we are excited, sometimes we are apprehensive, sometimes we are downright scared and still life changes.

My life is changing.

In the past couple of years my marriage has ended, I have struggled with deep emotional wounds, searched for a spiritual understanding of my pain, found my answer, resigned from my job, wrote a book, am living my Divine life purpose, and I am now selling my house and moving south!

Yes, my life is changing.

Through my experiences I have learned to trust and allow the Divine Universe to guide me.

‘Show me, guide me’ is my prayer. 

Most days this works, but some days my mind begins to race and my questions can become overwhelming.

The other day was just one of those days.  Feeling restless and distracted, I went outside to get the mail.  It was a beautiful day and with the warm sun shining on my face I took a moment to stop and breathe in the scent of my neighbors freshly mowed lawn.  Looking at my lawn I noticed it littered with sticks that had blown on my yard from a storm the previous evening.

Aimlessly I walked picking up small sticks and pulling up the clover leaf that has somehow quickly taken root over much of my grass.  As my hand reached out to pick up yet another stick, the stick suddenly moved and glided gracefully into a nearby flower garden.

Startled I realized my ‘stick’ was not a stick at all, but a snake, a long, slender, greenish brown snake!

‘Wow that was odd!’ I thought.  I have lived here for the past eighteen years and I have spent a great deal of time working in my yard and flower gardens and not once have I ever seen a snake lying in the middle of my front lawn or anywhere else for that matter!

Having a connection with animals and being familiar with animal totems the thought did cross my mind of whether the snake could have a message for me.  However I am careful not to think every animal I see has a message for me so I quickly decided it was just a random encounter.

The rest of the day passed uneventfully.  My quick trip to the mailbox turned into an hour of yard clean up and weeding. As usual my time spent outside, connecting with nature, calmed my worries and brightened my mood.

But my questions for my future are many and the next day the ugly head of worry started to once again rear up.  I pushed my worries back down and focused on my task at hand.  I was busy and I had a radio show to prepare for.  Today I was a guest on a radio show and I was asked to pull animal totems cards for listeners and share the messages from the animals with them.

I pulled out one of my decks of animal totem cards and started shuffling.  No sooner had I started to shuffle, than a card popped out of the deck and fell to the floor.  Reaching down to grab it I was once again startled.  The card that popped out was the snake card!

Used to how the Divine Universe works, but still surprised at the cleverness in which the messages come through, I chuckled and picked the card up.

“Well I guess the snake yesterday was meant for me!” I declared gratefully, knowing the Universe frequently gives us guidance through signs and messages; we just have to pay attention to receive them!

Intrigued and ready to learn more, I pulled out my book on animal totems and researched the symbolism of the snake.  Not surprisingly the two main characteristics of a snake are its’ ability to shed its’ skin and how it glides on its belly for movement.

The symbolism of the shedding of the skin is to with grace and ease allow what no longer serves us to fall away.  To realize that life is forward moving and more than we can imagine is provided to us when we are no longer holding on to the past. 

When we release control and trust that all is well and all is happening in accordance with Divine timing and our soul plan, we can glide through life and handle all of life’s changes gracefully.

Patricia Brooks is author of her book God is in the Little Things; Messages from the Animals and is currently writing her second book in the series God is in the Little Things; Messages from the Golden Angels. Having profound spiritual experiences has changed Patricia’s life dramatically and she has come to understand her Divine life purpose is to spread the message of Oneness to our higher Self, each other, and all living beings. She is an interfaith minister, animal totem intuitive, and angel healing practitioner. Patricia also authors two spiritual blogs and is a contributing writer to many spiritual magazines. Please visit Patricia at for much more information and where you may also sign up for her mailing list to receive your FREE Understanding Animal Totems report.