Thursday, June 26, 2014

Understanding the Mystery of Our Divine Selves

To understand the mystery of our Divine selves; isn't that what we all yearn for?  

In the quiet corners of your heart, do you feel the pull of the Divine?  Do you know there is more than what you can see, what you can touch?

Have you had those experiences

Coincidences you probably called them, or déjà vu.  Or you see something out of the corner of your eye and know something is there, but brush it off as the light flickering or a shadow cast from the sun.  Maybe you locked eyes with an animal and saw into their soul and then felt your own soul too.  Felt a chill go down your back or a soft caress on your cheek when no one was around. 

If so, your Higher Self is reaching out, trying to connect to you, asking to be remembered. Your Higher Self wants to show you the magnificence that you are a part of!

I was reminded this morning of our connection to our Higher Self, each other, and the Divine Oneness all around us, by a visit from my friend the chickadee. 
Chickadees are very special birds. There are seven kinds of chickadees.  Seven is significant because it is a sacred number signifying the individual rising from the material plane. The symbolism of the number seven is vast and this list is by no means complete. The number seven represents creation.  This is based on the number three, symbol of the Divine, and the number four, symbol of the human world, added together to equal seven.  There are seven major chakras, the energy centers in our body and seven levels of our auras.  In Christianity God created the earth in six days and rested on the seventh.  There are seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, seven deadly sins and seven virtues.  In Hinduism there are seven worlds in the universe and seven promises in a Hindu wedding.  In Islam there are the seven levels of heaven and seven gates to hell.  In Judaism there are seven branches to the menorah and Moses received the Torah seven weeks after fleeing from Egypt.  Shivah, which means seven, is the first seven days of mourning.  People of the Jewish faith sit Shivah for seven days.

Looking at the larger species of birds, birds are symbols of the bridge between humans and the Divine and their ability to fly signifies aspiration and transcendence.  

Specific to the chickadees, they have a black cap on their heads. The color black signifies the feminine and mystery. The feminine is symbolic of fertility and rebirth. The cap being on the head is symbolic of higher thinking and perception.

Together the message of the chickadee is enlightening!  It is a message of connecting to your Divine self through understanding the mystery of your higher truth. You are a spiritual being and it is time to remember your power and your truth.   

Next time pay attention when you feel the pull of the Divine.  When the lights flickers, the chill goes down your back or you lock eyes with a beautiful animal friend, know that it is your Higher Self and the Universe reaching out to connect.  Take a moment and reach back.

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